New AQL Function: P2A

New AQL Function: P2A


P2A converts a list of points to a list of assets. 

Every AQL data point as an asset, a property and a value. The P2A function takes the asset id out of those points and turns it into a list. 

This can be used to ask for more information from an asset you've found through a search. If you've found a data point for an asset and want to ask for other points from the same asset, it's extremely valuable.


Let's imagine you've got a set of smart power-points (that have a type Smart Point) that know how much power is being used (the Power Usage property) and what device is connected (the Connected Device property).

You want to find the current power usage of machine PN2-47, but you don't know which power-point it's plugged into right now.

First, we need to find that power-point...

'Smart Point' OFTYPE 'Connected Device' PROPERTY VALUES 'PN2-47' EQUAL
RESULT: [DATA POINT: Smart Point #293 Connected Device = 'PN2-47']

This returns a data point for the power point that has a Connected Device value of PN2-47. But how do we read the power usage from here? This is where P2A comes in.

'Smart Point' OFTYPE 'Connected Device' PROPERTY VALUES 'PN2-47' EQUAL P2A 'Power Usage' PROPERTY VALUES
RESULT: [DATA POINT: Smart Point #293 Power Usage = 2.75A]

P2A converts that point back into an asset - the power point itself. You can then use any functions that take an asset as a parameter, such as VALUES to read more information. In this case, we read the Power Usage of the power point.

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